Optimizely Opts for Relationship Banking

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Company: Optimizely
Industry: Technology
Client since: 2018

Balancing between the company’s needs and the need to manage risk is an art form – especially in the tech space – and the bank was very good at this.

David Schwarzbach , COO/CFO Optimizely

By replacing digital guesswork with evidence-based results, Optimizely helps marketing, product, and engineering teams – including those at over 40% of Interbrand’s 100 top global brands – accelerate innovation and increase return on their digital investments. 

When the San Francisco-based company, which has over $90 million in annual recurring revenue, wanted to optimize its banking, Optimizely turned to the technology banking experts at Western Alliance's Bridge Bank.

“Everyone always talks about relationship banking, but with Bridge this is quite real,” said Optimizely COO/CFO David Schwarzbach. “They took the time to understand the financial needs of our business. They also took the time to craft a loan structure that worked for us.”

Another key differentiator was a visit from Western Alliance CEO Ken Vecchione. Schwarzbach continued, “I felt a genuine focus on being partners – again, everyone talks about this, but with this bank it’s real. We feel like we have access to Ken and all the bank’s leadership. To get to have that level of access is rare.”

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