Understanding Your Business

Industry Expertise

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At Western Alliance Bank, we excel in providing customized financial solutions for businesses through exceptional market- and sector-specific expertise. With a customer-focused approach, our experience and entrepreneurial way of thinking helps clients in all types of industries, professions and business pursuits to meet their unique goals.

CRE & Construction

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We've built a bank that's right for real estate and construction companies, so you can keep building your business.

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Entertainment & Media

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Our expert focus and longstanding industry experience in entertainment financing means we offer a wide range of banking resources to TV, film and music producers – with the ability to lend in multiple currencies.

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Our Gaming Group provides deep industry expertise and a full suite of business banking solutions for middle-market casino gaming companies, tribal gaming enterprises, tribal governments, and more.

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Making the most of changing healthcare dynamics is your expertise. Work with our knowledgeable bankers who understand this complex industry.

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Homeowner Associations

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HOAs and community associations get called on to fix everything under the sun – for expert banking and financing solutions, call on us.

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As a leader in hotel lending, our Hotel Franchise Finance group specializes in meeting the growth and expansion needs of the hospitality industry from the ground up.

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From major multi-disciplinary firms to smaller specialized practices, our team of expert bankers has deep expertise serving the unique needs of the legal industry. Everything you need to grow your legal practice, facilitate transactions efficiently and manage variable cash-flow cycles.

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Life Sciences

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A national practice targeting US-based life sciences companies, our Life Sciences Group is comprised of seasoned lenders who have years of experience working with various types of life sciences companies in all stages of development.

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Manufacturing & Logistics

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You understand supply and demand.  When it comes to smart banking and financing for manufacturers and distributers, we do too.

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Municipal & Local Government

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We are a strong resource for municipalities and local governments that need specialized project financing (and always efficient everyday banking).

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Connect with committed, knowledgeable bankers who understand and support the nonprofits that make our communities better.

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Private Equity & Venture Capital

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Our Equity Fund Resources group is a central hub for the Private Equity and Venture Capital communities, acting as a resource and providing services for investment funds and their portfolio companies.

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Professional Services

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Taking care of clients, patients and customers is what you do – taking care of your banking and financing needs is what we do.

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Our Franchise Finance group delivers a full spectrum of customized loan, deposit and treasury management solutions to restaurant operators and franchisees in quick-service restaurants (QSR), fast-casual, casual and chains across the nation.

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Startup Banking - Tech

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It all starts with the right bank. Startups benefit from working with our experienced, tech-focused team that understands the growing pains and opportunities of emerging growth companies.

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Technology & Innovation

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You disrupt – we pull it all together with bankers and solutions geared to technology businesses at every stage of the growth cycle.

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Timeshare Resorts

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Great experiences start with you. Great banking and financing solutions for the hospitality and tourism industries start with us.

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