Taking a Deeper Dive: Transportation Industry Series

November 02, 2021

Transportation is the lifeblood of industries across the nation. From moving raw materials by rail and receiving international shipments by port to the millions of vehicles on the roads delivering goods to factories, warehouses, retail destinations, homes and more – the transportation and logistics category plays a critical role in ensuring that industry and business not only function, but thrive.

Western Alliance Bank is taking an in-depth look at the trends, topics and insights through the lens of its Equipment Finance Group. The team will be examining the key factors driving the industry forward at a time of rapid change, including:

  • Detailing how investments in transportation and logistics can help companies stay ahead of the competition;
  • Keeping costs down in a transportation-centric world; and
  • Sharing how cutting-edge technologies are changing the shape of the industry – and its impact on a company’s bottom line.

For more information about Western Alliance Bank’s Equipment Finance Group, connect with Brian Scott, Managing Director; or Lance Waller, Vice President:

Brian Scott: [email protected], (602) 296-6649
Lance Waller: [email protected], (615) 337-0650