Better Banking Solutions

We make it our business to know as much as possible about yours. Each industry sector and profession has specific banking and financing needs, and our experts deliver financial solutions and services to meet – and exceed – those needs. Because we’re part of Western Alliance Bancorporation, we offer the full range of financial products and lending capabilities you need to succeed.  Learn more about our expertise in:

  • Cavignac & Associates: Client Since 2003

    In addition to operating accounts and a line of credit Cavignac & Associates takes pride in not tapping, Torrey Pines Bank has provided key financing for the transfer of partner shares – strategic support for the firm’s growth.

  • Malibu Family Wines: Client Since 2015

    As Malibu Family Wines adds to its experiences, the one with Torrey Pines Bank remains geared to responding to the company’s wide range of banking needs, whether it’s a wire transfer or the financing of a new property.

  • Societe Brewing Company: Client Since 2014

    With a roster of in-demand beers named for archetypal Old West characters – from The Fiddler, The Dandy, The Widow and The Swindler to The Haberdasher – San Diego’s Societe Brewing has crafted a compelling set of products and a tasty narrative to match. And in this story The Banker plays a role, too.