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  • First Steps in Preparing to Undertake a Loan

    For community associations contemplating large-scale capital projects, an alternative to funding with cash reserves, is to contract a loan with a bank that specializes in association lending.

  • Your Resource for Community Association Lending

    Alliance Association Bank is an experienced banking resource with in-depth industry knowledge, as well as advanced technology solutions and a commitment to superior customer service. Learn why leading HOAs and CICs from across the country are working with Alliance Association Bank.

  • Why Borrow?

    When faced with large or unexpected capital improvement projects, it is often necessary for an Association to borrow funds in order to move forward.


Our Team

With more than 100 years of industry experience, we are experts at meeting the unique and complex banking needs of HOAs and CICs. Our outstanding bankers deliver tailored solutions designed exclusively for the growing community management industry.

  • Craig Huntington President
  • Stephen R. Curley Division President
  • Amy Ostwinkle Senior Vice President, HOA Banking
  • Craig Lee Huntington Senior Managing Director, HOA
  • Denise Sauro Senior Vice President, HOA Banking
There are a handful of banks that represent themselves as HOA banks, but Alliance Association Bank does what they do better than anyone else because it is their true specialization.
Guy Goodwin, President, Goodwin Management, Inc., which currently manages more than 220 homeowner associations in Texas
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