HOA Deposit Accounts

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Choose from a full spectrum of deposit accounts for your Homeowners Association (HOA), Common Interest Development (CID) or Planned Unit Development (PUD). Alliance Association Bank offers everything from interest-paying HOA checking1 to money market accounts2 to CDs1. Earn interest, enjoy no-fee services and select the types of accounts most suited to your business needs.

HOA Deposit Accounts

Alliance Association Bank offers a wide range of Deposit Accounts specially designed to serve the needs of HOAs, CIDs and PUDs. Select an account type below to learn more about which may be the right deposit tool for your organization.

HOA Basic Checking

Our Business Checking account gives you basic HOA checking features with unlimited check writing and no monthly service charges.

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HOA Interest Checking

With our Community Checking account, you earn interest on your funds, while enjoying unlimited HOA checking transactions, no monthly service charges, no-fee online banking and more.

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HOA Money Market

Earn an attractive rate of interest on your HOA, CID or PUD reserve funds, and make up to six withdrawals per month with no penalty.

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HOA Insured Cash Sweep (ICS) Money Market

With ICS, we use the Promontory Network to give you full access to your funds, while maintaining 100% FDIC insurance, even for funds over $250,000.

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HOA Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Receive a guaranteed rate for holding these HOA CDs for a given time period until maturity.* You may earn a higher interest rate when you choose a longer term.

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Whether you have thousands or millions of dollars in reserve funds, you can earn a competitive rate of interest with Certificate of Deposit Account Registry System (CDARS) CDs, knowing your funds are fully FDIC-insured.

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1. Refer to the disclosures provided at account opening and the Schedule of Fees and Charges for additional information.
2. Withdrawal transaction limits apply. Refer to disclosures provided at account opening and the Schedule of Fees and Charges for additional information.
* Early withdrawal penalties may apply.