Payroll Cards

Achieve 100% paperless payroll and offer your employees a convenient, smart way to get paid – with a payroll card from Torrey Pines Bank. The Skylight ONE Card1 is innovative and convenient, allowing your organization to simplify and electronify how you pay employees, while reducing check processing costs.

Why Work with Torrey Pines Bank?

With the Skylight ONE Card, you can:

  • Eliminate the use of paper payroll checks and all associated costs
  • Obtain 100% electronic payroll
  • Comply with legal requirements for timeliness of termination pay
  • Assure your employees that they will receive their pay, even if there’s an office closure or natural disaster
  • Support the environment by going paperless

Advantages for Your Employees

In addition to 100% paperless payroll and other advantages for your business, your employees will also enjoy several benefits from the the Skylight ONE Card from Torrey Pines Bank, including:

  • No more standing in line to cash or deposit a paper paycheck
  • Eliminates the costs associated with cashing of checks
  • Avoid ATM processing fees by accessing your funds online
  • Freedom to make payments and purchases online or over the phone

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1. Skylight ONE Card is provided by NetSpend®, division of Global Payments, which is not affiliated with Western Alliance Bank or its divisions. Applicable fees may be charged by NetSpend or Global Payments separately from any fees assessed by Western Alliance Bank.