Small Business Isn’t ‘Small Potatoes’ for Torrey Pines Bank

March 01, 2021

Marnie Alton is an accomplished LA-based fitness guru with fans all over the world. What she isn’t is a large business: She owns and is the founder of M/Body (now M/Body Online), a single studio focused on Alton’s proprietary barre-inspired fitness method.

At the suggestion of one of her key team members, Alton switched to Torrey Pines Bank two years ago from a large money center bank. “I knew my business was small potatoes, but my banker at Torrey Pines treated me with such respect. She invited me to their holiday party, she would call just to check on me. From the very beginning this was a personal relationship, which I didn’t have before,” said Alton.

Alton tells a great story about a wire transfer that illustrates the unique nature of this relationship. “I had some questions about sending money online, something that was new for me, so I called the Customer Service number. I spoke to someone lovely, and then, about 15 minutes later, my banker called me to discuss this. My questions were small, and I didn’t want to bother my banker, which is why I called Customer Service in the first place! That she called me back herself was incredible to me.”

M/Body opened a business checking account and savings account at Torrey Pines Bank, but Alton’s new banker advised her to keep the business credit card she already had from her previous bank because Alton liked the product. “When I first signed on with Torrey Pines Bank, my banker was honest and guided me. Her suggestions were very much in service of me, not what the bank would benefit from. That felt different.”

She added, “I have been endlessly surprised at how important Torrey Pines Bank makes me feel, despite the size of my business. I would recommend this bank enthusiastically to other small businesses because you get real personal attention. You feel seen.”

Turns out that for this modern wellness expert, in banking, as in life, it’s good to feel seen.

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