Therapeutics, Inc.

Torrey Pines Bank is entrepreneurial. They are unique in that they have a level of flexibility that our previous banking relationship did not.

Tina Zietzke , VP of Finance Therapeutics, Inc.

Dr. Dan Piacquadio, CEO, and Tina Zietzke, VP Finance, Therapeutics, Inc.

When it comes to discussing its research in the highly competitive, top-secret world of new medical devices, pharmaceutical innovations and biotech breakthroughs, Therapeutics, Inc. is purposefully opaque. But this San Diego-based company – the region’s largest, privately held, dermatology-focused, vertically integrated development contract research organization – is happy to open up about its bank.

Dr. Dan Piacquadio, CEO, says, “Torrey Pines Bank has been instrumental in significantly streamlining our operational banking needs including restructuring a critical debt obligation. Since we engaged them, they have made understanding our business a priority and have played a pivotal role in helping us manage our capital intensive growth plans.”

He adds: “Of all the banking relationships we have had over 20 years, Torrey Pines Bank is the absolute best.”