Grand Pacific Resorts

The Power to Relax

Big blue skies, sunshine, ocean waves and the welcome relaxation more than 70,000 families wait for each year. That's the promise and the product of Grand Pacific Resorts, the full-service resort management and development company based in Carlsbad, California. As stress-free as it is to vacation at any of the 23 spectacular properties managed by Grand Pacific Resorts in California, Hawaii, Montana and Canada, the business behind the leisure is anything but a day at the beach.

When co-owner Tim Stripe first sat down with Torrey Pines Bank, he brought a sizable list of challenges and a healthy skepticism that any one bank could match his wide-ranging needs. "Timeshare is not an easy business, but they said, 'Let's just take a look,'" The bank's response was speedy, and not a little surprising. "Today we deal in seven different lines at the bank, including commercial and real estate loans, and our relationship is comprehensive and extremely effective," said Stripe. 

For Grand Pacific Resorts, having direct access to the bank's key decision-makers and to its robust set of products and customized solutions, including resort finance, makes all the difference. "We've worked with larger banks and same-size banks and by far the relationships and exposure we have to senior decision-makers is markedly different from other banks, and I've been in business more than 30 years."