Bank of Nevada Assists OnLocation Production To Bring Additional TV & Film Projects to Nevada

June 22, 2023

LAS VEGAS - Bank of Nevada and OnLocation Production, a Las Vegas-based company, are working together to ensure film, television and commercial production crews have the technical resources they need for movie projects in the State of Nevada. 

Bank of Nevada financed OnLocation Production’s first-of-its-kind, multi-million dollar, 53-foot production rig that provides crews with all the hardware they would need for most $5 to $7 million film, TV or commercial projects. The truck holds one million dollars’ worth of camera gear, as well as lighting and power resources, sound equipment, grip department, office space, and set up for make-up and hair. There are more than 27,000 items housed on the production rig. Since the rig is fully mobile, it can be rented for projects far beyond the State of Nevada.

OnLocation Production co-owner, Karl Nickoley and his brother, Scott, conceived of the idea to incorporate multiple production trucks into just one rig more than ten years ago, but needed more funds to bring their vision to fruition.

“Increasingly, films, commercials and television projects are shot outside of a soundstage and that means there can be up to 12 trucks at a film location - each one serving their purpose,” said Karl Nickoley. “We’ve reimagined what’s possible and have incorporated many different production departments into our one, large production rig”

Nickoley contacted Bank of Nevada’s Kelly Brockman who helped provide a customized financing solution, allowing the production rig to be developed. Brockman assisted Karl in pursuing a Small Business Administration loan which offered Karl advantageous loan terms perfect for his growing business. 

“Karl has worked in the industry for many years and knows this business inside and out,” said Bob Cerminaro, division CEO, Bank of Nevada. “He came to us with a solid business plan, combined with a passion for meeting the needs of the changing film and TV industry. By working with Karl locally and utilizing the resources and strength of Western Alliance Bank, we were able to bring this project together in the best possible way.”

Recently, Nickoley took the OnLocation Production rig to the CineGear Expo held on the Paramount Studios lot in Hollywood, demonstrating its capabilities to the 16,000+ attendees. Additionally, Karl showcased the truck’s potential for several commercial production companies in Culver City, Calif.

This month, Nickoley’s rig is booked for a commercial shoot on the grounds of a Las Vegas stadium promoting a Southern Nevada healthcare provider. Eventually, Nickoley hopes to add a fleet of production rigs that can travel across North America where film and TV projects are in production.

As a result of the close relationship developed during the financing of OnLocation Production’s rig, Karl established a full banking relationship with Bank of Nevada to handle his day-to-day business needs.

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