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  • Simplified Loan

    Community associations may qualify for Alliance Association Bank’s Simplified Loan, allowing qualifying associations to receive funds within an accelerated timeframe.

  • HOA Maintenance and Improvement Loans

    Get a term loan or construction line of credit to pay for long-term capital maintenance projects or common area improvements on those areas controlled by your HOA, CID or PUD.

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  • HOA Commercial Cards

    Our HOA Commercial Credit Card Programs are an easy and convenient way to manage your HOA purchases with security and ease, pay suppliers and more. The eZ Business Card Management portal offers reporting, tracking and user management.

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  • Emergency Line of Credit

    If your HOA, CID or PUD is located in an area that’s susceptible to natural disaster, be prepared with a line of credit you can use to help rebuild, while you’re waiting for your insurance claim funds.

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  • Insurance Premium Financing

    Your insurance company could offer your HOA, CID or PUD a discount for paying your entire insurance premium at the beginning of the year. Our line of credit lets you take advantage of this discount, then pay what you owe over time.

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  • How Do HOA Loans Work?

    Fill the gaps in your knowledge of the HOA loan process. We’ve answered some frequently asked questions to give you a high-level overview of HOA loans.

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