Business E-Banking

Online Business Banking Services

With Bridge Bank Business Online Banking, you get the real-time account information you need to easily monitor your company’s cash position and account activity. With a convenient dashboard and customizable reporting, you’re only a few clicks away from your data.

Information Reporting

Bridge Bank Business eBanking Information Reporting feature provides you greater control over your accounts because you have easy access to verify account activity or to view balances at any time. You have greater ability to export transaction data to your computer.

  • Obtain ledger and available balances as well as detailed account activity

  • See current day activity and in-clearing items memo-posted to your account

  • Review up to 12 months of posted transactions

  • Download account information to your preferred financial management software or formatted file

    • QuickBooks, BAI2 and comma separated value (CSV)

    • Loan activity and cash position reports are available NEW!

  • Run detailed reports about various activities

    • Incoming wire activity

    • Incoming ACH activity (optional)

User Administration

Security of your accounts is our first concern. Our current and new user control features provide added security to your Business eBanking service.

  • Flexible transaction authorization requirements to fit your needs

    • Require a fixed number of approvals; or

    • Vary approvals required based on transaction amount

  • Establish limits per transaction and per day for each user on each account they access

  • Add new users, modify user rights and deactivate users as needed

  • Require multiple approvals for User Administration (optional)

ACH Payments

Transfer funds and process payments through our secure, convenient and cost effective Automated Clearing House (ACH) service.

  • Direct Deposit Payroll – Pay employees electronically and deposit directly into their bank accounts.

  • Eliminates the special handling of checks when employees are on vacation or out of the office.

  • Accounts Payables – Make payments to your vendors with their approvals. Reduce the time and expense of check issuance.

  • Accounts Receivables – Originate debits as authorized by your customers to efficiently collect accounts receivables.

  • Federal and State Taxes – Schedule your Federal and State tax payments to avoid severe penalties.

  • Upload or import NACHA formatted files created by your financial management software. NEW!

Wire Payments

Wire Payments are the safest and most convenient way to transmit money around the world from your computer. Utilize our Wire Payment service from your account to any financial institution around the globe.

Funds may be transferred efficiently to:

  • Domestic recipients in US dollars

  • International recipients in most foreign currencies (Bridge Bank is a full SWIFT member)

  • Save information on regular recipients in templates to simplify recurring payments.

Download our Wires Quick Start Guide (PDF).

Bill Pay Service

Business Bill Pay helps you save time and money by paying bills online. Clients can benefit from our current and new features.

  • Schedule one time or automatic recurring payments

  • Include remittance information such as invoice numbers

  • Limits for company and users

  • Approval control capabilities

  • Order CDs to archive payment records


View your account balances and activity in real time through e-Statements. e-Statements are free, 24/7 accessible and reduce potential fraud by eliminating statement delivery by mail

  • Retrieve up to 18 prior months checking account statements

  • Help environment and turn off paper statements

  • e-Statements (PDF format) for DDA, account analysis and loans


Personalize alerts and reminder options about your account information and transactions. Receive free, up-to-the-minute updates to your e-mail for:

  • Pending approvals – Notifies you when an account has an approval pending for which you are an approver.

  • Minimum balance – Notifies you daily when an account's balance is below the amount specified, based on previous day's transactions.

  • Credits posted – Notifies you if a specific credit transaction with a specific amount posts, based on the previous day's transactions. An alert is sent for every transaction that matches the alert criteria.

  • Checks presented – Notifies you when a check with a specific check number is presented, based on the previous day's transactions.

  • Debit posted – Notifies you if a specific debit transaction with a specific amount posts, based on the previous days' transactions. You will receive an alert for every transaction that matches the criteria.

  • Password changes – Notifies you when a user's password is successfully changed.


Get the information you need when you need it on a single easy-to-read document with Imaging. It’s simple, free and convenient.

  • Check imaging – Retrieve check images from your account activity report. Save and print the document in its original view.

  • Deposit ticket

  • Deposited items

Token Authentication

  • This is an optional service to provide an additional layer of security for Business eBanking users.

  • The service allows for token authentication:

    • At approval of ACH and Wire transactions

      • Current login security remains the same

      • Only Users that are Approvers of ACH and Wire Transactions would be issued Token Devices

    • At Login and approval of ACH and Wire transactions

      • Current login security changes to require Token Authentication

      • All Users would be issued Token Devices

  • Enrollment and usage is free, but there is a $50.00 fee to replace a lost token.

  • To start enrollment, please contact us at 1-866-540-0467 or email us at [email protected]

Security Information

Bridge Bank Business eBanking is a web-based application which resides in an SAS-70 compliant environment.

  • Layered security levels including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, authentication and 128-bit SSL encryption address the security of the Bank and client information.

  • As part of a comprehensive security program, the environment is routinely subjected to a variety of internal and external assessments.

  • Device Authentication is used for all users at login. In the event, a new device is utilized, further authentication is obtained using Out of Band Authentication.

  • Detailed user limits, entitlement controls and flexible transaction approval requirements provide another layer of security.

  • User administration capabilities include optional approval requirements for any user changes.


To successfully access and use Business eBanking, a PC must meet the following minimum requirements

Operating System  Apple Inc. Safari® Microsoft Internet Explorer® Mozilla Firefox® Google Chrome®
Windows 7 64 bit 9, 10, 11 30 and higher 36 and higher
Windows 8 64 bit - 10 30 and higher 36 and higher
Windows 8.1 - 11 30 and higher 36 and higher
Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion ™) 6 - - -
 Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks ™) 7 - - -

Browser configured to support:

  • 128-bit encryption

  • JavaScript

  • Cookies

  • Cascading style sheets

  • Browser page cache should be set to get a new version every visit to the page


  • 1 GHz Celeron processor

  • 1024x768 SVGA resolution at 256 colors

  • 500 MB RAM

  • 128 Kbps (slowest DSL) or better

Some services may be subject to prior approval