Business eBanking

Announcing the Business sBanking Dashboard - a free optional feature which allows you to access critical information more efficiently from your welcome page.

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Personal eBanking

Personal eBanking gives you immediate access to your personal accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Best of all, there are no set up or monthly service charges.

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Credit Card Management (Admin)

With Bridge Bank's new eZBusiness credit card management platform, you have access to a powerful set of administrative tools that provide you with unprecedented flexibility and convenience in the management of your corporate credit card program.

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Credit Card Management (Card Holder)

eZCardInfo provides cardholders easy access to their online account to view and manage their profile and run activity reports. Individual cardholders can easily self-enroll within this platform.

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Remote Deposit

Smart Deposit Express allows Bridge Bank business clients use of a desktop scanner to capture images of incoming checks for deposit. A computer electronically transmits the images for deposit directly to the Bank.

*Subject to prior approval 

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Our eStatements service reduces paper usage and provides additional benefits:

  • Receive your statement faster
  • Lower your exposure to fraud
  • Help the environment
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