Remote Deposit*  

Improve funds management by making deposits directly from your office.* Images of checks are scanned and sent electronically, then deposited in your business account. Benefits of Remote Deposit include:
  • Extended deposit deadlines.
  • Ability to view reports electronically.
  • Eliminate the need to visit the bank or pay for a courier.
*Subject to prior approval 
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Automated Clearing House (ACH) Debit*

This electronic collection service streamlines remittance processing, and provides more accurate, timely collection of payments from consumer and corporate accounts.* You get the benefits of:
  • Reduced costs of processing payments made by paper checks.
  • Improved cash flow and forecasting by collecting payments faster.
  • Gained audit trail of payments received.
*Subject to prior approval 
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Lockbox Service

With this service, payments sent to your business are retrieved, processed and deposited daily from your own post office box. All deposits are imaged and available for viewing online, the same day. You can:
  • Speed up the collection of your business's receivables.
  • Reduce the cost of in-house receivables processing, and improve your company's cash flow.
  • Eliminate the need to prepare deposits and take them to the bank.
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Cash Vault

With our Cash Vault services, you can be confident that your deposits will be transported securely by safe, trustworthy armored car transport services. Cash Vault can:
  • Pick up coins, cash and checks
  • Help you make deposits efficiently
  • Enable you to order and obtain cash
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Wire Transfer Services

Our wire transfer services allow you to securely, quickly and efficiently wire funds electronically from your account—anywhere in the United States or internationally. Repetitive templates are available, to make your wire transactions even simpler. Services include:
  • Online Wire Origination, which lets you wire funds from your computer. 
  • Incoming Wire Notification ensures you receive a fax or email whenever you’ve received a wire of funds. 
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Merchant Services

Our customized payment processing services, offered by our trusted vendor, TSYS*, can help you satisfy and strengthen your customer base. You can accept credit and debit cards, purchase or lease card processing equipment, and benefit from multiple authorization networks and transaction processing options.

*Merchant Services are provided by TSYS who is not affiliated with Western Alliance Bank or Alliance Bank of Arizona.

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