Maximizing Your Partnerships

July 28, 2015

In previous articles, we've asked you to evaluate your current software infrastructure and at the same time to notice what you don’t have or are not using. Now we want to help you take that next step by focusing on maximizing your partnerships to help you reach your potential. Here is a recap of items you need to look for within your own company’s infrastructure: 

  • Auto Bank Account Reconciliation 

  • Automated Lock-box File Import 

  • Automated Bank Validation Export Files 

  • Accounts Payable File Integration 

  • Interactive Web Portals 

  • Interactive Onsite Tools 

  • Outsourcing of coupons, invoices, newsletters, certified mail


The list above has a few common denominators; your software and your partnerships. If you know your software has the ability to do the above, but yet you are not utilizing them, then it’s simple, you’re not taking advantage of a service that can make your infrastructure stronger. If you have any of these services available to you and the current partnerships you have in place are not promoting it or pushing you to better your company, then it’s time to move on and get a partnership that will. 

At Alliance Association Bank (AAB) one of our main goals is to help our customers maximize their infrastructure to its fullest. This allows our clients to streamline their processes, be more automated, more competitive in their market and to offer a better service package to their clients. 

In our industry, the national trend is maximizing technology to be more efficient and connected. The management companies that have elevated their infrastructure and services have been on the upward success in grasping this idea. Contact us for more information.