Our banker anticipates needs and provides solutions before we even think to reach out.

Justin Scott , CEO and Founder HOAMCO

Thoroughly Integrated Banking Helps HOAMCO Drive Efficiencies

For HOAMCO, streamlining processes is crucial. As one of the leading HOA management companies in the Southwest, HOAMCO serves more than 70,000 homeowners who live everywhere from golf and equestrian-focused developments to active adult communities. Keeping paperwork, accounts and information flawlessly organized is key as HOAMCO continues to grow.

Justin Scott, HOAMCO CEO and Founder, relies on tools and technology as key levers to maximize growth and efficiency for his HOA management business. The company’s new accounting software, Caliber, came at the recommendation of his bankers at Alliance Association Bank.

“So many banks want to offer services to companies like ours, but Alliance Association Bank truly specializes in our field. They understand the specialized accounting and support we need to support our client relationships,” says Scott. 

“For HOAMCO, Alliance Association Bank handles hundreds of accounts – reserve accounts, operating accounts – and the paperwork for 70,000 homeowners,” says Scott. “It’s just seamless. We rely on the bank and trust them implicitly.”

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