West Coast Management and Realty, Inc.

We are honored to share with you a letter from our client, Denise Helbig, Owner of West Coast Management and Realty, Inc:


To Whom It May Concern:

I met Paul Knuth over a year ago. At the time, I wasn’t really interested in switching the associations I manager over to a new bank. Paul was amazingly attentive and didn’t give up on me! Thank goodness!

After a couple of months, I knew that I needed to switch and wanted to switch to Alliance but the thought of the work involved was a little overwhelming. Paul and his staff made the transition seamless for my first several associations so it was a no-brainer moving all of my associations over to Alliance.

In the past year as our company has grown, Paul has been there to support and supply whatever needs we have. Paul has met with multiple of my Board of Directors, explaining the banking industry in layman terms so they could understand. Paul has been able to answer any question that we can throw at him!

It is always a treat when he stops by our office. He brings a warm sincere smile, a bag of goodies and a supportive attitude. He is on the spot when we need him; assessable by phone and email when we need him. I very much appreciate his competent and direct style which is why I continue to recommend Paul Knuth and Alliance Association Bank to all of my new associations.

Denise Helbig, 
Owner West Coast Management and Realty, Inc.!