Associated Property Management

"In 2010, we managed 85 properties. Then we began working with Alliance Association Bank. They have been instrumental in us becoming more efficient in our banking services and what we can provide to our clients. As a result, we’ve been able to grow our book of business to over 210 properties. This increase could not have happened without the relationship we formed with AAB. Our partnership with Alliance has also been the catalyst for us bringing new, innovative technology to our office and creating relationships with other business partners.

AAB employees have been consistent and proficient when working with our properties to open new accounts. They are always available to help and they return phone calls in a timely fashion. Other banks charge analysis fees or service fees; but not AAB, which is another reason why we enjoy working with them.

Lockbox! Not only does AAB have helpful employees and no added fees, they utilize lockbox! This has helped our company minimize the tedious work that included opening numerous amounts of mail and scanning upwards of 5,000 checks. The use of lockbox has alleviated hassle and has allowed our company to increase our focus on supporting our residents in ways that are much more producing and lasting. The ease of the download each day has given us peace of mind knowing that the accounts are always up to date and accurate. Not to mention, the interest rate for CDs and money market accounts at AAB are higher than any of the other banks we have worked with. Interest on operating accounts is an added plus.

We have really enjoyed working with and look forward to many more years working with AAB. We urge anyone that is thinking about switching to AAB to do so as soon as possible."

- Eric Haneberg, President, Associated Property Management