Western Alliance Bank Announces Electronic Accounts Payable via Payer Direct Hub®

July 06, 2021

Western Alliance Bank, Member FDIC, has recently partnered with Bora Payment Systems to offer the Payer Direct Hub® 1 (PDH) ePayables tool that allows clients to easily pay suppliers through the web portal using their VISA® ONE Card2. PDH is an up-to-date solution that provides flexibility, and saves organizations time and money during payment processing by utilizing virtual cards.

“Our clients want the flexibility to pay suppliers with their Western Alliance Bank VISA ONE Card, with an easy setup and intuitive system,” said Michelle Lance, senior vice president, head of product management, Western Alliance Bank. “Bora Payment Systems’ Payer Direct Hub® meets this need without requiring direct integration with their ERP system. This is another way we help our clients see real advances in their business and ensure they consistently benefit from effective technology.”

In addition to more secure and efficient A/P processing, clients have the advantage of earning revenue share by utilizing their Western Alliance Bank ONE Card for eligible transactions.

Learn more about the PDH benefits and how it works:

Benefits for Your Business

  • Digitally transform payments workflow – eliminate paper checks and associated check fraud
  • Works with any ERP system. No direct ERP connection required
  • Leverage existing invoice-to-pay procedures; only changing the payment method
  • Earn interchange revenue share on all eligible transactions
  • Dramatically improve fraud protection
  • Reduce labor expenses through improved workflow
  • Capture reconciliation data with 100% accuracy
  • Increase control of the company’s purchases and align spending with procurement policies
  • Easily handle increasing payment volumes as the business grows
  • PCI-compliant
  • Quick implementation and full product support from Western Alliance Bank

How it Works
Western Alliance’s Payer Direct Hub® uses the VISA card network to facilitate payments with a virtual card assigned to each supplier or vendor. After the client has received and approved an invoice, a transmission is sent to Western Alliance indicating payment amounts for each supplier’s card. PDH uses the VISA network to either “push” supplier payments via straight-through process direct depositor send suppliers secure payment notifications that suppliers can use to “pull” their own payments. Lastly, the client receives reconciliation files and the supplier receives immediate notification and electronic remittance.

To learn more about the Payer Direct Hub® and how you can use it in your business, please contact us here.

1. Payer Direct Hub is provided by Bora Payment Systems in agreement with Western Alliance Bank.
2. All offers of credit are subject to credit approval. This card is issued by Western Alliance Bank and its divisions pursuant to a license from Visa USA Inc.