Bridge Bank's Business Escrow Services Group Launches New Paying Agent Platform

March 03, 2021

San Jose, CA

Bridge Bank today announced its Business Escrow Services (BES) group has launched Bridge Bank Gateway, an industry-leading paying agent platform for M&A paying agent services, private placement, performance escrow, indemnification, initial offerings/subscription deposits and project finance escrows.

Bridge Bank Gateway is a sophisticated digital solution that simplifies and accelerates complex M&A transactions with one intuitive, digital platform. The single-point information hub provides buyers, sellers and their attorneys with real-time information on document signing and payment status. Accounts can be opened and take in deposits within one business day.

“We have a comprehensive suite of solutions covering both depository services for the proceeds of an M&A transaction and, once ready, distributing those funds through the new, sophisticated platform,” said Alex Tsarnas, senior managing director of Business Escrow Services at Bridge Bank. “No longer will those we work with in the innovation ecosystem have to find a third-party to handle these complex transactions. With the Bridge Bank Gateway paying agent platform, BES is a one-stop shop.”

Bridge Bank Gateway provides benefits to M&A sellers by simplifying cumbersome and complex processes by improving the accuracy through reduced human error, streamlining pre-merger shareholder votes with built-in voting, tallying and reporting. Additional benefits include shareholders being paid faster and access to tax documents including year-end reports.

Most recently, Bridge Bank announced the launch of its Business Escrow Services group led by Alex Tsarnas, further bolstering its financial services offerings to the investor and legal communities. To learn more, join Bridge Bank’s BES and Equity Fund Resources teams in a virtual event with PitchBook Data. The 30-minute event will take a deep dive into private equity activity and buyouts in the New York market. The event will take place on March 24 at 10:30 a.m. EDT. Registration to attend is now open.

To learn more about the Business Escrow Services group and the solutions they offer, visit the Business Escrow Services web page.

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