Corporate Banking


Bridge Bank was designed with the professional business manager in mind. Our corporate banking services help companies to effectively grow their businesses by providing solution-based financial products. Plus, our network of professional service providers can help you with virtually any challenge you face, so that you can focus on what counts most – the health and well-being of your business.

Lending Services Include:

Lines of Credit

  • Formula Line of Credit
    A formula line of credit is designed to supplement a borrower’s cash flow and is used for a more permanent source of working capital financing. Advances are tied to the company’s eligible accounts receivable and inventory. Each facility can be customized to provide a solution that meets your financial needs.
  • Non-Formula Line of Credit
    A non-formula line of credit is designed to support short-term working capital needs, such as meeting payroll or taking advantage of trade discounts. This line of credit requires a zero balance for a specific period of time on an annual basis.
  • Corporate Credit Cards
    A line of credit can be established for the purpose of issuing individual corporate credit cards. This allows for effective control of corporate purchases, travel and entertainment expenses and provides management complete flexibility in issuing and cancelling cards as needed.

Term Debt

  • Equipment Financing
    Equipment financing can be used to purchase new equipment or to refinance existing debt.
  • Acquisition Financing
    Acquisition financing provides funds to purchase or merge with a competitor’s business. These funds allow for the financing that supports the buyout of existing owners and shareholders to acquire control of a company.

Real Estate Loans
Financing can be used to purchase or refinance owner-occupied commercial real estate.

Home Equity Lines of Credit
Home Equity Lines of Credit (“HELOC”) are available to Bridge Bank clients and are based on the available equity in your home.

ESOP Loans
Finance the sale of a company to the employees through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

Cash Secured Facilities
A cash secured loan is designed for business owners needing to respond quickly to multiple situations and is customized for each borrower. These facilities are secured by your deposits and investments held at Bridge Bank.

View Our Corporate Banking Brochure (PDF)

All offers of credit are subject to credit approval.