The Bridge Bank Difference

We understand the obstacles growing companies face as they expand their business to the global marketplace, so we’ll custom-tailor solutions to your specific international needs.
  1. Independent Trading Desk
    We buy and sell currencies in the global interbank market, which ensures that our clients receive competitive pricing and access to a broad array of currencies and products.

  2. Consultative Approach
    We’re experienced at counseling companies at all levels, from those that are new to international business all the way to multinational public companies with complex market needs.

  3. Strength in markets where technology companies operate consistently
    Many U.S. banks are unfamiliar with the countries where technology companies are often found, like India and China. To the contrary, Bridge Bank has experience, familiarity, and direct banking relationships in these nations.

  4. Advisory Services
    The personalized service provided by Bridge Bank’s experienced multinational and multilingual team can help you better manage the complexities of international trade. Our highly experienced, culturally diverse team is fully equipped to assist you in structuring terms for letters of credit to mitigate documentary risk. We also advise our clients on document preparation and clarification of trade and shipping terms.

As your business expands internationally into global trade markets, Bridge Bank can be a very valuable resource.

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The latest news & insights on foreign exchange markets brought to you by the Bridge Bank International Banking Group.

    Foreign Exchange Services

    Foreign Currency Wires
    Send foreign currency payments in any tradable currency through our online banking platform, and receive foreign currency payments through our global banking network.

    Foreign Exchange Hedging
    Bridge Bank provides the training, advice and partnership to help you manage your FX risk. Access a full complement of foreign exchange hedging instruments, including Forward contracts, Window Forward contracts, Non-Deliverable Forwards contracts, and Swaps.

    Advisory Services
    Leverage our client-focused approach to more accurately assess the potential risks of fluctuating exchange rates and their impact on your business. Our foreign exchange specialists will help you develop the best strategies to mitigate the risk of currency exposure for your firm.

    FX Commentary
    Stay abreast of the rapidly changing foreign exchange market conditions with Bridge Bank’s FX market commentary, which monitors the shifting FX landscape.

    Letters of Credit

    Commercial Letters of Credit
    We issue and process commercial letters of credit to facilitate your export and/or import transactions, and to protect your payments by ensuring your shipping documents are received and processed in a timely manner.

    Standby Letters of Credit
    We issue and advise standby letters of credit to facilitate your foreign trade and non-trade activities.

    Shipping Documents (Documents Against Payment & Documents Against Acceptance)
    We handle shipping documents, which are not under a letter of credit, either against payment or credit (acceptance) terms.

    Letters of credit are subject to credit approval.

    Ex-Im Bank Working Capital Line of Credit

    Bridge Bank has been granted "High-Plus" Level of Delegated Authority by The Export Import Bank of the United States because of our proven record of expertise in delivering Ex-Im Bank's Working Capital Guarantee program to businesses like yours. In addition to the Ex-Im Bank Working Capital Guarantee program, we offer innovative buyer financing alternatives that assist our exporters to win sales, minimize the political and commercial risk of doing so, and accelerate the receipt of cash on those sales.

    • Lends up to $7.5 million per facility
    • Allows up to 90% advance rate against foreign receivables and 75% against export-related inventory
    Individual Transactions
    Bridge Bank offers pre-export financing to facilitate the fulfillment of your export sales orders. You may finance up to 75% of your direct or indirect contract costs, including design, engineering, labor, materials, and overhead related to each individual contract.

    Revolving Line of Credit
    Finance your direct or indirect export receivables with a revolving line of credit. Receivables may be financed at a 90% advance rate with extended sales terms of up to 120 days. Plus, you may finance your export-related inventories up to a 75% advance rate (including work-in-process inventory).

    Lines of credit are subject to credit approval.

    Sample Scenario

    Company XYZ, headquartered in Silicon Valley, began selling its products throughout Europe. In order to maintain its competitive edge, Company XYZ found that it had to begin pricing its products in euros. Soon it had a thriving business selling goods in many European countries. However, every quarter it had to report a significant foreign exchange (FX) gain (or loss) depending on fluctuations in currency exchange rates, which often severely impacted profit margins. After consulting with Bridge Bank, the company decided to implement an FX hedge to mitigate this FX exposure, as they had very few payables due in euros to smooth out the currency rate swings. Bridge Bank looked at the company’s projections for the forthcoming year and recommended hedging the major euro receivables it had on the horizon. Every time the company would initiate an invoice with its usual 120-day terms, it would call Bridge Bank to lock in a Forward Contract for the same duration. Company XYZ found that this effectively eliminated the unpredictable impact on their quarterly profit margins.
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