Working with our team of experts means you'll have a client-focused relationship manager and the advantages of comprehensives payments and escrow solutions, all within the structure of an award-winning financial institution focused on business.

Expert Business Escrow Services Partners
Our broad financial services experience coupled with extensive banking and escrow-specific expertise ensure our competitive solutions help you meet your escrow requirements.

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Industry Leading Technology

Bridge Bank Gateway is a sophisticated paying agent solution that simplifies and accelerates complex M&A transactions with one secure and intuitive platform. The single-point information hub provides buyers, sellers and their attorneys with real-time information on document signing, payment status and more.

Bridge Bank Gateway helps M&A parties manage transactions simply and efficiently - with improved speed and transparency for buyers, sellers and their agents.

  • Digitally distributed, view and sign transaction paperwork
  • Pay shareholders faster
  • Monitor transaction status from one secure portal
  • Conduct and tally shareholder votes
  • Quickly and securely process tax documents
  • Manage compensations arrangements for former employees


We offer end-to-end escrow and a digital paying agent solution for servicing your M&A transactions with optimal speed and transparency. Our in-depth offerings are backed by Western Alliance’s team of experienced relationship managers and customer support team.


Simplify Cumbersome and Complex Processes

  • Eliminate pre-closing printing and mailing of paper-based documents
  • Improve accuracy through reduced human error
  • Streamline pre-merger shareholder votes with built-in voting, tallying and reporting functionality
  • Access and process relevant tax documents including year-end reports

Get Paid Faster

  • Shareholders receive payments in as quickly as a day rather than weeks
  • Easily review payment history and dates of expected next payments

Some key features of Bridge Bank’s business escrow solutions include:

  • Dedicated team focused solely on business escrow services
  • Accelerated turnaround time onboarding new accounts
  • Customized and standard template escrow agreements
  • Innovative online portal to help manage your escrow accounts
  • Streamlined technology platform for accurate and timely disbursements
  • Competitive deposit options and fee structure
  • Robust activity and disbursement reporting

Benefits to M&A Acquirers and Their Agents

Manage M&A Transactions With One Comprehensive Digital Solution

  • Eliminate paper-based document handling
  • Sign all documents easily and securely via DocuSign –Anytime, Anywhere.

Improve Transparency

  • View all transactions from start to finish from one intuitive digital dashboard
  • Monitor progress toward close

Manage Payments to Option Holders

  • Pay all shareholders, including employee option-holders, at closing and post-closing

Bridge Bank’s Business Escrow Services group provides business escrow solutions to customers with an unmatched level of expertise and a commitment to responsiveness. The group’s team of leading professionals has over 100 years of combined industry experience with a presence from coast to coast. Our client-focused approach means you get a dedicated, experienced, readily accessible relationship manager to help with all your business escrow needs.