Regional Intelligence Report: Data-Driven Economic Intelligence for the Business Community

2020 Regional Intelligence Report Shares Analysis, Insights on State’s Economic Health

As Arizona’s economy continues to outpace national growth, business leaders across the state are curious about how current issues, national and global trends, as well as potential headwinds will affect the health of the economy today and into the future.

To put these questions in greater context, Alliance Bank of Arizona released its 2020 Regional Intelligence Report, in collaboration with Beacon Economics, a leading independent economic research and consulting firm. 

Curated especially for the business community, the unbiased, data-driven report delves into specific issues, trends and forecasts directly affecting the state’s business community. From population growth trends and labor force health to the most recent industry numbers and regional comparisons across the state, thoughtful analysis and insightful commentary both provide greater understanding and context about how a full spectrum of socioeconomic and geopolitical issues affect Arizona’s economy. 

With a state-wide snapshot and broken-down major regional MSA summaries, the report reveals metrics propelling Arizona’s leading economic sectors, including construction, logistics and manufacturing, key indicators in the labor market and unemployment rates, real estate trends and more. 

To learn more about Arizona’s economic health and how it affects business, download the full, complimentary report now.