We understand your need for a business solution that manages risk and ensures that conditions of an escrow agreement are met safely and fairly. Our highly experienced bankers provide accurate, secure and timely business escrow services for professionals and corporations, so you can focus on your business.

Western Alliance Bank provides business escrow services for businesses across the country and actively works with leading law firms, investment bankers and corporate finance firms. We have extensive experience and offer a wide range of solutions to help your business grow and prosper.

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Business Escrow Services
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Kelly Conner, Western Alliance Bank
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Business Escrow Services
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Western Alliance and its banking divisions offer a wide-range of services to support your escrow servicing needs. Whether it’s mergers/acquisitions, private placements, indemnification or business escrow requiring paying agent services, we take your needs personally. Our customer-focused approach means you get a dedicated, experienced relationship manager to help with all your professional and personal banking needs.

  • Merger/acquisition transactions
  • Private placements
  • Government contract services escrow accounts
  • “Good faith” deposits
  • Construction retention escrows
  • Paying Agent escrows
Escrow agreements are prepared by the escrow parties. Western Alliance Bank will provide samples upon request.
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Some key features of Western Alliance Bank’s escrow solutions include:

  • Variety of deposit options
  • Work with escrow parties/law firms nationally
  • Competitive rates for interest-earning accounts
  • Customized or standard escrow deposit documents available*
  • Competitive fee structure (based on account activity)
  • Detailed activity and asset reporting
  • Accelerated turnaround time for escrow review and setup
*Escrow Agreement samples offered by the escrow agent. Onus of Escrow Agreement preparation is on the escrow parties.
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We give you better ways to track your incoming and outgoing funds, with advanced technology that speeds up and simplifies payment processes. Solutions include:

  • Streamline 
  • Simplify your day-to-day banking
  • Accelerate receivables
  • Enhance working capital and liquidity
  • Streamline access to secured loans
  • Facilitate commercial real estate and/or construction loans
  • Leverage corporate credit cards for better cash flow
  • Monitor and manage cash flow
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Checking & Savings

Deposit solution features include:

  • Simplify banking fees for checking
  • Optimize more transactions for better cash management
  • Leverage technology for easy deposits
Business Loans & Credit

Talk with our team about how our lending and credit solutions can help you to:

  • Enhance working capital and liquidity
  • Streamline access to secured loans
  • Leverage corporate credit cards for better cash flow
All offers of credit are subject to credit approval