Automated Clearing House (ACH) Credit*  

ACH credit origination services* provides greater speed, accuracy and efficiency for managing payables. With ACH Credit, you can quickly and conveniently disburse electronic payments to employees, tax-collecting agencies, vendors and more. Benefits include:
  • Reduced costs for processing, storing and reconciling manual checks.
  • Reduced payroll costs and greater convenience for employees, as they receive credit to their accounts automatically, instead of depositing checks.
  • No lost or stolen checks, which reduces the need to place stop payments on or reissue checks.
  • Provides you an audit trail of payments.

 * Subject to prior approval.

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Wire Transfer Services

Our wire transfer services allow you to securely, quickly and efficiently wire funds electronically from your account—anywhere in the United States or the world. Repetitive templates are available, to make your wire transactions even simpler. Services include:
  • Online Wire Origination, which lets you wire funds through our online banking system. 
  • Incoming Wire Notification, which sends you a fax or email whenever you’ve received a wire of funds. 
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Account Reconciliation

We offer full and partial account reconciliation services, as well as deposit reconciliation. These services help manage and monitor transactions and balances to make sure they’re correct.

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Positive Pay

Check Positive Pay and ACH Positive Pay, help prevent payment of fraudulent checks and unauthorized automated clearing house (ACH) transactions. You benefit from:
  • Gaining secure, effective mechanisms for payment fraud prevention. 
  • Using our convenient online banking system to review suspicious items, and provide pay or return decisions.
  • Ability to block specific ACH transactions, with ACH Positive Pay.
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Business Credit Cards

Our Business Credit Cards, including the Commercial Card and Commercial Plus Card, both offer easy, convenient ways for employees to make and track purchases, and even pay recurring bills.

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