AmeriHome Mortgage

AmeriHome executives posing for the camera

The reason we work with Western Alliance is not because they’re the largest bank we deal with, but because they bring us the specialized products and responsiveness we need.

Jim Furash (above right) , CEO AmeriHome Mortgage

Funding One of The Country's Top Mortgage Companies

The story of AmeriHome Mortgage is about building a company with the right people and the right ideas, at the right time. The team joined forces to launch a best-of-the-best mortgage operation in 2013 that has since grown into the fourth-largest mortgage correspondent lender in the U.S.

Driving AmeriHome’s success are powerful industry relationships combined with data systems built from scratch. Said CEO Jim Furash: “We started with 20 of the country’s most talented mortgage professionals and quickly worked to build our business to a level where we could optimize costs, customer service and profitability.”

Today the company prices $1 billion in mortgages every day, or about a quarter of the U.S. market. While the Thousand Oaks, CA-based mortgage giant by necessity works with many money center banks, AmeriHome chooses Western Alliance’s Mortgage Warehouse Lending to fund its highly specialized MSR business.

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Since this content was originally published, AmeriHome Mortgage has become a subsidiary of Western Alliance Bank.