Key Benefits

  • Saves employees time. No more trips to the bank.
  • Get online access to images of deposited checks
  • Key in extra information and download to your A/R system
  • Make deposits from 4 AM - 10 PM pacific time (same-day ledger credit cut-off at 5 PM)

Key Features

  • Connect via broadband internet to a password-secured website
  • Sign-in protection
  • Dual control feature permits separation of check scanning from approval
  • Deposit domestic checks within established limits
  • Built-in image quality assessment
  • Built-in audit reports
  • System prevents submission of duplicate item
  • System access and telephone support from 4 AM – 10 PM pacific time at 855.261.3680 (same day ledger credit cut-off at 5 PM)

Service Requirements

  • An approved document scanner (provided by bank)
  • PC with a USB 2.0 port
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista or Windows 7
  • High-speed internet connection (128K or higher)
  • Customer is responsible for secure retention of the original checks for 30 days, then to destroy them
  • Customers must first be approved by the bank to establish this service
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