Capital Finance

Get Fast Access to Your Capital
Access to capital is essential to a company’s growth. However, sometimes the need to grow can hinder a company’s ability to meet traditional borrowing requirements. Bridge Bank can help by providing you access to additional working capital when you need it most. Bridge Bank serves a wide range of industries in all phases of their life cycle – from startup to later-stage established companies. It is our goal to help you maximize cash flow to increase your financial strength and flexibility. We offer customized banking solutions created specifically to help our business clients prosper.
You can expect a lifelong relationship with Bridge Bank that will provide further financial resources to support your company’s success.

Capital Finance Services Include:

Invoice Financing
An invoice financing line of credit is a flexible lending program that provides access to working capital for companies experiencing sales growth, mergers, acquisitions, “turn-around” situations, or having difficulty qualifying for traditional bank financing. Invoice financing solutions offer flexible advance rates against collateral.

  • No financial covenants
  • Less reporting requirements
  • Funding only when needed
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quick turn-around

Asset-Based Lending – A/R and Inventory

An asset-based line of credit provides working capital based upon your balance sheet assets. Asset-based loans offer more covenant flexibility than traditional financing.

Competitive advance rates, straightforward borrowing base that may include/allow:

  • Government A/R
  • Foreign A/R
  • Extended terms
  • Flexible financing covenants

Vendor Assurance Program

Bridge Bank’s Vendor Assurance Program (“VAP”) develops and provides financial solutions to equipment manufacturers, distributors, and dealers with their end-users. VAP streamlines your trade payables process and improves your company’s ability to obtain trade lines of credit.

Purchase Order Financing
Bridge Bank’s Purchase Order (“PO”) Financing develops and provides financial solutions to enable clients to secure inventory and fulfill customer orders.

VIEW OUR Capital Finance Brochure (PDF)

Construction Lending

Our Real Estate team understands the market and will design a package that best meets your financing needs. We offer a full range of services from land acquisition to mini-perm financing. Our local decision making and draw disbursement process ensure a timely result.
Residential Construction Lending Services
  • Financing for speculative residential construction
  • Multi unit residential projects
  • Land acquisition and development
Commercial Real Estate Lending Services
  • Owner occupied and leased investment commercial construction
  • Acquisition loans for owner occupied and leased investment properties
  • Refinancing of commercial buildings
  • Multifamily acquisition and refinancing

Corporate Banking

Bridge Bank was designed with the professional business manager in mind. Our corporate banking services help companies to effectively grow their businesses by providing solution-based financial products. Plus, our network of professional service providers can help you with virtually any challenge you face, so that you can focus on what counts most – the health and well-being of your business.

Lending Services Include:

Lines of Credit
Formula Line of Credit
A formula line of credit is designed to supplement a borrower’s cash flow and is used for a more permanent source of working capital financing. Advances are tied to the company’s eligible accounts receivable and inventory. Each facility can be customized to provide a solution that meets your financial needs.

Non-Formula Line of Credit
A non-formula line of credit is designed to support short-term working capital needs, such as meeting payroll or taking advantage of trade discounts. This line of credit requires a zero balance for a specific period of time on an annual basis.

Corporate Credit Cards
A line of credit can be established for the purpose of issuing individual corporate credit cards. This allows for effective control of corporate purchases, travel and entertainment expenses and provides management complete flexibility in issuing and cancelling cards as needed.

Term Debt
Equipment Financing
Equipment financing can be used to purchase new equipment or to refinance existing debt.

Acquisition Financing
Acquisition financing provides funds to purchase or merge with a competitor’s business. These funds allow for the financing that supports the buyout of existing owners and shareholders to acquire control of a company.

Real Estate Loans
Financing can be used to purchase or refinance owner-occupied commercial real estate.

Home Equity Lines of Credit
Home Equity Lines of Credit (“HELOC”) are available to Bridge Bank clients and are based on the available equity in your home.

ESOP Loans
Finance the sale of a company to the employees through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

Cash Secured Facilities
A cash secured loan is designed for business owners needing to respond quickly to multiple situations and is customized for each borrower. These facilities are secured by your deposits and investments held at Bridge Bank.

VIEW OUR Corporate Banking brochure (PDF)

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

ESOP is a unique corporate finance tool that allows business owners to gain liquidity often at a tax-advantaged basis, while passing along ownership to the company’s employees.
In an ESOP, the sponsoring company provides their employees with stock ownership through annual contributions on behalf of the employees. Shares are allocated to employees’ accounts annually and are held in an ESOP trust until the employee vests in the plan and retires or leaves the company. Typically, the shares are then sold.

An ESOP is a qualified retirement plan. It’s regulated by the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Labor and came into being with the passage of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) in the 1970s. The regulation is meant to ensure that the ESOP is used for the benefit of employees and that it’s not just a tool where a business owner can sell at an inflated price.

View our ESOP brochure (PDF)

Equity Fund Resources

The Equity Fund Resources (EFR) group at Bridge Bank is a central hub for the Venture Capital and Private Equity community, providing services not only for VC funds themselves, but also for the high-tech portfolio companies they’re invested in.
Designed as a resource for CFOs, fund managers and partners, EFR builds on the success of Bridge Bank as a leading technology lender by extending its banking services to the VC funds by offering:

  • Capital Call Lines
  • Management Company Flexibility Lines
  • Treasury Management Tools
  • Other solutions to finance expenses between funds
In addition to providing a comprehensive suite of banking services, the Equity Fund Resources group fosters an eco-system of VC partners and fund managers, and works to bring forward mutually-beneficial opportunities for growth.

EFR is led by Guy Simpson, a 20+ year banking veteran with tech lending experience working with raw startups and banking private equity and venture capital funds in Silicon Valley and other innovation centers throughout the U.S.

View our Equity Fund Resources brochure (PDF)

If you’re looking for a resource and not just a bank, contact Guy at or by calling (703) 345-9308.

Life Sciences

Bridge Bank’s Life Sciences Group (LSG) understands the unique challenges our client companies face bringing their products from the lab to market. Whether biotechnology, medical devices, or pharma, these companies can face uncertainties that would make less experienced bankers balk.
LSG is committed to providing clients with experienced lenders along with sophisticated products and services necessary to weather these uncertainties and ultimately succeed.

LSG provides term and revolving credit facilities to life sciences companies for a variety of purposes, including growth capital, working capital, refinancing, restructuring, recapitalization, as well as mergers and acquisitions.

LSG offers the following products and services:

Tailored credit solutions, including:
  • Term debt
  • Revolving lines of credit
  • Equipment financing
A full array of banking services, including:
  • Treasury management
  • International banking solutions
  • Merchant services
Our teams serve high growth companies within the following sectors offers the following products and services:

  • Therapeutics
  • Vaccines
  • Enabling technology
  • Drug discovery
Medical Devices
  • Diagnostic
  • Surgical devices
  • Implantable devices
  • Non-invasive devices
  • Specialty pharma
  • Generics
  • Over-the-counter (OTC)
  • Pharma services
A national practice targeting US-based life sciences companies, Bridge Bank’s LSG team is comprised of seasoned lenders that have years of experience working with various types of life sciences companies in all stages of development.

View our Life Sciences Group brochure (PDF)

To speak with a banker that understands your unique needs, please contact:
Rob Lake
Senior Vice President, Head of Life Sciences

SBA and Commercial Real Estate Lending

Our financing programs assist with the acquisition of commercial real estate for business owners and investors. And our expertise in attractive, low-interest, government-backed loan programs enables us to assist our borrowers with other funding sources as well. This financing can be used to assist small businesses in restructuring their balance sheet, purchasing equipment, or to acquire another business. Count on our expert staff to provide exceptional service, streamline the processing, and offer responsive, local decision-making.
As a result of our SBA capabilities, unique financing programs for commercial real estate buyers and overall experience and expertise of our team, Bridge Bank continues to be ranked among the top tier of Preferred SBA Lenders in California.

SBA Lending Services Include:

  • Preferred lender status – SBA approval in 24 hours
  • Loans to finance
  • Debt restructuring
  • Business acquisition
  • Equipment purchase
  • Permanent working capital
Commercial Real Estate Lending Services Include:
  • 90% financing on owner-occupied real estate
  • Construction to permanent financing with one loan
  • Loans for general use as well as special purpose projects
  • Financing available throughout California


Small Business Banking brochure (PDF)
SBA Loan Comparison Sheet : 504 & 7(a) (PDF)

Technology Banking

Bridge Bank’s Technology Banking Division provides financing solutions to companies in a variety of technology sectors, and at any stage in the growth cycle. From inception through IPO, and beyond, we are a leading financial partner to companies in Silicon Valley and across the nation who are focused on bringing new technologies to market.

Lending Services Include:

Credit Solutions
Working Capital Lines of Credit. This flexible revolving line of credit may be utilized to support increasing assets in a growing company. Lines may be formula-based or non-formula-based depending upon your business needs, and may help conserve cash and improve relationships with suppliers.

Equipment Financing. Bridge Bank provides term loans to finance purchase of equipment, acquisition of product lines or business operations, tenant or leasehold improvements, permanent additions to working capital, and to refinance existing debt.

Bridge Loans. Bridge loans provide short-term working capital that will bridge a company to a well-defined liquidity/equity event.

Growth Capital/Venture Debt. Allows companies to leverage their equity capital while adding “runway,” thereby providing the dual benefit of reduced dilution and the potential to achieve greater step-ups in valuation between equity rounds.

Corporate Credit Cards. A line of credit can be established for the purpose of issuing individual corporate credit cards. This allows for effective control of corporate purchases, travel and entertainment expenses and provides management complete flexibility in issuing and canceling cards as needed.

Asset-Based Lending Solutions. In keeping with our mission to accommodate a client’s unique needs, we offer asset-based lending in addition to traditional corporate banking solutions.

Technology Banking brochure (PDF)

Venture Debt

Investor-backed companies seeking growth without the cost of ownership dilution may consider venture debt as a strategic financial tool. Venture debt can potentially provide a level of flexibility not found with investors, while supplementing an existing equity round.
Key benefits that venture debt offers to management teams of equity-sponsored companies include:
  • Preserves control and economic upside for investors, founders and employees, and is the least dilutive financing option
  • Extends the cash runway of the company and supports the achievement of upcoming value milestones
  • Offers a “bridge” between equity rounds - rather than issuing equity to finance upcoming growth, the company may be able to raise equity at a higher valuation after a key milestone has been achieved (thus further minimizing dilution)
  • Supplements an existing equity round, allowing venture capital investors the ability to both leverage their investment – and preserve dry powder for future needs of the company

Venture Debt Structure: Characteristics of a Typical Venture Debt Loan

  • Par amount – up to $50M or potentially greater with specific lenders and/or syndicates
  • Total duration – up to 60 months
  • Amortization structure – initial interest-only period up to 36 months, with level amortization thereafter
  • Coupon, facility fee, and final payment fee – cost should be evaluated on all-in basis
  • Warrants or success fee from 2-4%
  • Security – typically a lien on all assets, other than intellectual property; negative pledge on intellectual property (other company-specific structures or carve-outs may be included)

Additionally, companies may be able to arrange lines of credit secured by accounts receivable, inventory, or PP&E.

Bridge Bank is one of only a few commercial lenders who has deep expertise in venture debt lending, and offers the flexibility in terms of deal size, repayment (duration, interest-only period), and cost structures (coupon, fees) that management teams need in order to maintain access to capital throughout the ups and downs of the growth cycle.

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