Bridge Bank case study with John Traub, President & CEO of Nanolab Technologies

From big idea to industry leader in a nanosecond. Well, almost.

Client Since: 2007

“I know the bankers on a first name basis, and it's easy to communicate regularly with them. I like that.”

~ John Traub (President/ CEO), Nanolab Technologies

Nanolab Technologies uses cutting-edge technology and expertise to provide knowledge-based analytical services for advanced microscopy, chemical analysis, electrical failure analysis, material analysis and more for over twelve industries, including defense, solar, medical and semiconductor. President and CEO, John Traub jokingly explains it as a "high tech brothel." (All those brains and a sense of humor, too.)

They came to us in June 2007 as a self-funded startup that needed to buy capital equipment. Essentially they were starting from scratch. The economic environment was great at the time, and they had a lot of banks chasing them. But John chose us because we had a keen understanding of the cyclical nature of the technology sector.

So when the 2009 meltdown hit, we knew exactly how to weather the storm. We had the financial support to keep their business not just running, but growing into new sectors and becoming even more profitable.

Since partnering with us, Nanolab has moved from a 5,000 sq. ft. space in Sunnyvale, to a 16,000 sq. ft. space in San Jose, to a 48,000 sq. ft. space in Milpitas. They also have a satellite office in Albany, NY and are looking to expand operations into the Pacific Northwest in the near future.

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