Bridge Bank case study with client Glenn Ripley, CEO & President of Mission Bell

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Mission Bell Case Study

Client Since: 2009

“Bridge Bank has the ability to understand the complexity of our business, while being sincerely interested in us and what we do at a personal level. They have the capacity to grow larger with us, and provide flexible financing when we need it, yet they still maintain the strong personal relationship that is so important to us.”

~Glenn Ripley, Chief Executive Officer and President, Mission Bell

Mission Bell is a 54-year old company based in Morgan Hill, California that specializes in architectural millwork, woodwork, and casework. They’ve brought character and uniqueness to the corporate offices of all the big names in Silicon Valley including Apple, Google, and Stanford University.

They’ve grown from a small family-owned shop to a large, high volume company with annual revenues in the 10’s of millions of dollars. While competitors used to be smaller, locally-owned shops, as Mission Bell grew, they found themselves competing with larger national companies. And while Mission Bell had the home-court advantage of being located in the Bay Area close to a large number of customers, their rivals had the advantage of being located in areas with significantly lower living and operating costs.

To keep their competitive edge, Mission Bell knew they would have to streamline their business by integrating technology and automation into their processes. Bridge Bank came in as a vital resource to enable Mission Bell to make these strategic technology and equipment investments.

Because of our history with Mission Bell, we understood their strategic direction and were able to help them bring in a robotic material handler- one of only 12 that exist in the entire country.

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