Convenience and Security

With Lockbox, you can:
  • Collect receivables faster
  • Reduce the cost of in-house receivables processing
  • Improve your cash flow
  • Gain outside audit control

Save Time and Trouble

Deposits go into your Bank of Nevada business accounts even faster with Lockbox. All payments your customers send to your post office box are quickly delivered to our Lockbox center, then processed and deposited into your accounts each day. There’s no need to prepare deposits and make a daily trip to the bank.

Get Timely Updating and Viewing

All deposits are imaged and available for viewing via the web-the same day. Information can also be gathered from check and remittance coupons and formatted in a data file. Lockbox lets you review deposit reports on a CD-ROM, to see who and what has been paid. You can even attach background records to transaction reports as they're being transmitted.

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