Automated Clearing House (ACH) Credit Origination*

Make payments electronically in an accurate, low-cost, data-rich way. For maximum flexibility, we support multiple methods of delivering payment instructions.

*All offers of credit are subject to credit approval.

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Wire Transfer

Easily and securely originate USD domestic wire transfers and international wires, as well as non-USD international wires – ideal for making large payments that must be available immediately upon receipt. For convenience, we support multiple ways to provide wire instructions.

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Account Reconciliation

Our account reconciliation services help identify discrepancies and ensure accurate account balances.

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Online Bill Pay

Pay vendors conveniently through online or mobile banking. Perfect for businesses with low monthly payment volumes to a small set of vendors.

Commercial Credit Cards*

Our commercial Visa® credit cards make it easy to make and track purchases, manage payables and more.

*All offers of credit are subject to credit approval. Cards are issued by Western Alliance Bank and its divisions pursuant to a license from VISA USA Inc.

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