Accurate Companies Pivots to Offer New Solutions to Hard-Hit Industries

October 28, 2020

Our clients across Arizona are demonstrating remarkable resilience, innovation and creativity in this unusual time when COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives and businesses. Alliance Bank of Arizona has put together some of these incredible stories that reinforce how businesses can rise to new heights even amid exceptional challenges. We are inspired and we hope you will be, too.

While all industries have seen changes brought on by COVID-19, the foodservice and hospitality sectors have been among the hardest hit. While many companies have had to reimagine the way they do business, suppliers to these businesses also have had to pivot and bring new solutions to meet the needs of the moment.

Accurate Companies, an independently owned Southwest company dedicated to providing superior sanitization and hygiene solutions to the hospitality and healthcare industries, has become the industry’s go-to partner for sanitization for foodservice, laundry and housekeeping operations. As a key partner for foodservice and hospitality enterprises, Accurate also had to reimagine how it could continue to be the best-in-class partner to their customers.

A specialist in providing innovative cleaners, sanitizers and disinfectant supplies to restaurants and hotels, Accurate Companies needed to rethink how to best service their clients that didn’t necessarily need chemicals to clean and disinfect their dining rooms, which were suddenly shuttered.

“Despite COVID-19, people are still going out for meals – they are just taking them home to enjoy,” said Bradley Zall, Founder and President of Accurate Companies. “Before the virus, we were all about cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting restaurants. With the virus, we had to find a way to build a disposable business, i.e., to-go packing.”

Founded in 2002 in Zall’s pick-up truck, the company, with the help of Alliance Bank of Arizona, the growing company was ultimately able to purchase seven small companies with similar roots, as well as a facility in Tempe, bringing Accurate to 148 employees in eight states.

Where once Accurate was on speed-dial to service a dishwasher that was causing spotting on glasses in a high-end steakhouse, in the COVID era Accurate has moved to  providing “Built-To-Go” programs to help restaurants keep their to-go packaging clean and safe.

Similarly, Accurate was recently contacted by an exclusive five-star resort and casino in Las Vegas that had purchased electrostatic spraying units but required appropriate sanitization chemicals. And in the hotel space, Accurate has moved from cleaning to supporting back-of-house operations.

“2020 was chugging along beautifully and boom – COVID hit and killed the hospitality industry,” said Zall. “Now we’re working with some of the most innovative hospitality players across the nation.”

Since the shift to a product-based model, the company had sold 300 units of Acculogic by the end of June. The success has encouraged them to bring other high-demand products within easy reach of many of their clients.

“We now also sell ultra-concentrated cleaning solutions, toilet paper and gloves instead of martini picks or dish machines,” said Zall. “Redefining our role has been a challenge, but Alliance Bank of Arizona has consistently gone to bat for us.”

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