Revolving Lines of Credit

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With a Revolving Line of Credit1 from Alliance Bank of Arizona, you have a cost-effective way for your business to obtain the funds it needs, when it needs them, by borrowing, repaying and borrowing again.  

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Why Work with Alliance Bank of Arizona?

  • You can use this business line of credit to fund seasonal changes in inventory and receivables, take advantage of vendor discounts, or meet unexpected cash needs.
  • We can customize a solution that fits your business.
  • Our bankers know the market, and are empowered to make timely decisions locally.
  • For small loan amounts, we’re usually able to give you a decision within a few days of receiving your completed application.

What You Need to Know

  • A Revolving Line of Credit is typically repaid from your business' operating cash flow, such as collecting receivables and inventory turnover.
  • Collateral requirements can include business assets, such as accounts receivable, inventory or equipment.
  • Loan terms are usually for one year, but longer terms of 2 years are available in some cases for small loans.
  • Repayment terms generally are interest-only monthly, with principal amounts due at maturity.

1. All offers of credit are subject to credit approval, satisfactory legal documentation, and regulatory compliance. Borrowers are responsible for any appraisal and environmental fees plus customary closing costs, including title, escrow, documentation fees and may be responsible for any bank fees including bridge loan, construction loan, and packaging fees.