Check Positive Pay

Alliance Bank of Arizona will provide you with a formatted template so that you can easily list all of the checks you’ve issued. Your check list can be uploaded into online banking, manually entered into online banking or directly submitted by your ERP. Then, we compare that list against the checks presented for payment. We pay only the checks you’ve listed, looking at the amount and check number.

If any exceptions are detected, you’ll be notified by email or text message. You will then review the check images online, and decide whether to pay or return each exception item. Positive Pay is easy and helps add a layer of security to your bank account(s).

  • Check Payee Positive Pay — This add-on service provides another layer of protection, as we also confirm the payee name before releasing payment.

Reverse Positive Pay

You’ll review a list of all the checks that have been presented for payment from your account. Only the checks you approve will be processed for payment. This is a secure, cost-effective way to detect potentially fraudulent checks.