Managing Payables

We give you better ways to track your outgoing funds, with advanced technology that streamlines payment processes. Solutions include:

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Credit Origination

Make payments electronically in an accurate, low-cost, data-rich way. For maximum flexibility, we support multiple methods of delivering payment instructions.

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Wire Transfer

Easily and securely originate USD domestic wire transfers and international wires, as well as non-USD international wires – ideal for making large payments that must be available immediately upon receipt. For convenience, we support multiple ways to provide wire instructions.

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Commercial Credit Cards

Our commercial Visa® credit cards make it easy to make and track purchases, manage payables and more.

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Payroll Cards

Easily pay employees electronically while saving money and time with the paperless Skylight PayOptions Payroll Card Program.

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Online Bill Pay*

Pay vendors conveniently through online or mobile banking. Perfect for businesses with low monthly payment volumes to a small set of vendors.

*Fees may be imposed for additional services related to online banking. Refer to Business Online Banking Setup and Authorization for more information. Western Alliance Bank Personal and Business Mobile Banking apps are available to all online banking customers. Features may vary based on device type. No additional fee to download the app; use of some features may incur additional charges. Mobile carrier message and data rates may apply.

Accounts Payable Automation

Automate your entire accounts payable process from invoice receipt to invoice payment and remittance delivery. Features include automated data extraction, GL coding, routing for approval, automated expense posting, payment approval and automated generation of payment instructions and vendor remittance advice. Best of all, each vendor payment is drawn directly from your designated account for faster reconciliation of bank statements with general ledgers.

Managing Receivables

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business, and we can help you stay on top of all the payments it receives. With services that streamline your operations and speed up the clearing process, we make managing receivables faster, easier and more efficient.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Debit Origination

Originate direct debits against your customers’ bank accounts. Speeds collection and improves accuracy of cash posting in your accounts receivable system.

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Wire Transfer

Easily receive USD domestic and international wires as well as non-USD international wires. Funds are typically available upon receipt at the bank. Ideal for receiving large payments from anywhere in the world.

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Cash Vault

Bonded, trustworthy armored car transport services pick up coins, cash and checks for deposit and drop off coins and cash for your business.

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Perfect for when you have a high volume of paper-based payments every month, our configurable platform helps reduce exceptions, capture data needed to post payments automatically, and reduce cash collection expenses.

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Merchant Services

Easily accept credit and debit cards, purchase or lease card processing equipment, and benefit from multiple authorization networks and transaction processing options to customize your needs.

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Remote Deposit

Expedite funds collection by scanning checks and electronically depositing them into your account – or, if you’re using your own lockbox, send us an Image Cash Letter (ICL) file instead of physically depositing checks.

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Information Reporting & Liquidity Management

At Alliance Bank of Arizona, we can help you track and manage your business account information and funds—faster and easier than ever.

Online Banking

Monitor your cash position and account activity, transfer funds, view check images, review Positive Pay exception items, initiate and approve wire and ACH transactions, make stop payments and pay bills online. 24/7 Fraud protections include separation of duties, dual approvals and Out-of-Band Authentication.

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Mobile Banking

With the exception of initiating payments, access all your online banking tools and perform the same functions securely from your smartphone. And, make deposits from your mobile devices.

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Sweep Services

Using our fully automated service, simplify funds consolidation and management and maximize interest income.

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Zero Balance Accounts

Daily account analysis helps redistribute funds automatically according to pre-established target balances.

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Account Reconciliation

Our account reconciliation services help identify discrepancies and ensure accurate account balances.

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Reduce your fraud exposure and get your statement faster with paperless electronic statements.

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Fraud Protection

We help keep your money, your information and your business safe from would-be thieves, with services and software that help prevent payment fraud, as well as online account and identity theft.

Prevent Check Payment Fraud

Positive Pay is the most common tool organizations use to guard against check fraud. Check Positive Pay, Check Payee Positive Pay and Reverse Positive Pay services help prevent check fraud losses.

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Prevent ACH Payment Fraud

Our ACH Positive Pay and Debit Block features guard against fraud losses in Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions, which include debits and electronic payments.

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