Dr. Christopher Thornberg, recognized as one of the nation’s leading economists, was the keynote speaker at Alliance Bank of Arizona’s Economic Forum on Thursday, March 22 at The Arizona Biltmore Hotel.

Dr. Thornberg shared national and regional economic trends and metrics, providing insights to the current and future status of our economy. He also presented key information relating to the State of Arizona and the Phoenix economy.

A Regional Intelligence Report was released in conjunction with Alliance Bank of Arizona’s Economic Forum.

Here is a brief preview of Dr. Thornberg’s report:

“Despite all the political tumult of 2017, the U.S. economy was a smooth-running machine. The nation’s economy grew at a solid, steady pace throughout the year, with overall output expanding by a reasonable 2.3% over 2016 levels. Industrial production started growing again, and by the end of last year U.S. manufacturing output reached a record high level. The labor markets continued their steady improvement with over 2 million jobs added even as unemployment rates dropped to nearly record lows. Wage growth and labor force participation rates both increased. The financial markets also improved with the stock market continuing its steady upward rise, marked by little volatility. Long-term interest rates remained low, as did inflation. In short, if economists were to dream up the perfect economic year – 2017 might well be a close reflection.”

Learn more about key metrics and findings in the Regional Intelligence Report.

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