Powerful ConnectLive Features

To learn more about our ConnectLiveTM integrations and features, contact one of our community association banking experts.


Real-Time Bank Balances and Transfers

View bank balances and perform bank transfers in real-time between accounts within the same association.

View Bank Statements on Demand

View PDF bank statements on demand for each bank account.

Auto Lockbox

The nightly scheduled process automatically retrieves and posts lockbox transactions2 from the prior banking day directly to your accounting software.

2. Funds deposited through the Lockbox will follow Western Alliance Bank’s funds availability policy as outlined in the Deposit Account Agreement Disclosure.

Open New Deposit Accounts

Request a new deposit account to be opened. This action will generate the new account number, provide a confirmation to your team and deliver a notice to the bank.

View A/R and A/P Check Images

View the front and back of checks and coupons processed through the bank's lockbox, as well as the front and back of cashed A/P checks.

Issue Stop Payments

Issue an individual or range of stop payments and receive information regarding the status.

Auto Reconciliation

Bank transactions from the preview day are matched with corresponding transactions within your software, allowing for quick and accurate bank reconciliation and population of interest and bank fees.

Receive Returned Item and Chargeback Alerts

If the nightly transaction process detects a returned item (NSF) or chargeback, an alert will be generated – notifying users to take the necessary action within the homeowner’s account.

Validation File – Blocked Owners

A validation file is provided from your software on a daily basis, allowing the lockbox process to appropriately deposit funds or reject payments – eliminating manual entry on the user’s end.

Reporting & Extracting Information

Extract a report of an array of transactions within a specific date range, or export management company, association or homeowner information required for booklet printing – including email addresses.

We have over 200 accounts at Alliance Association Bank. Thanks to the efficiencies provided by the bank, we can complete all our reconciliations accurately by the second business day of the month. This allows us to get our financials to our clients much, much sooner, which they love.
Dennis Abbott, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, President, Carolinas, FirstService Residential