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Joanne served as a volunteer on her homeowners community board of trustees as Treasurer and served on various other committees. It was during that time that Joanne became interested in managing community associations and joined a management company in Cleveland, Ohio. Joanne was a portfolio manager for over 4 years and focused not only on managing her communities but also on procedures and efficiencies in the management office itself. During this time Joanne set up lockbox for the property management office and realized, first-hand, the efficiencies and advantages of such services. Joanne has achieved both the CMCA and AMS certifications through Community Associations Institute. Joanne was published in the May/June 2008 edition of Common Ground Magazine (CAI's Magazine for Community Association Leaders). Additionally, Joanne has over six years of Human Resources Management experience.

Joanne joined Alliance Association Bank in February 2009 and continues to serve her clients with the same level of superior service that she demanded as a portfolio property manager. Joanne’s excited to utilize her past experience as a portfolio property manager to assist her clients in all aspects of a community management company's needs. Joanne was promoted to Senior Vice President in 2015 and provides leadership and guidance to the east coast team.